Refman's Shipyard Evaluation Module provides a simple means of “grading” or “ranking” shipyards according to their performance in past dockings. Each time a ship is drydocked, the Superintendent completes a simple form giving the yard a numerical “rating” or “score” against various aspects of the Yards performance

The form is accessed from the main Cost Control screen which is used by the Superintendent to track costs so its possible to begin completing this form for during the actual docking whilst the “experience” is still “fresh in the mind”.

Superintendent gives the yard a numerical 'rating' or 'score' against various aspects of the Yards performance.

The remainder, such as ratings relating to prices for additional work and negotiating the final bill for example can be completed once Superintendent returns to the office after docking. Once all the ratings have been recorded and any qualifying comments recorded, then the form is 'marked as complete' which posts the results against the Shipyard in the REFMAN Master database.

When the 'Evaluation' is complete, an overall 'Rating' or 'Grade' is produced for the docking.

All completed Evaluations are then used to produce an overall Average Rating. Ratings can also be produced for a specified period, such as the last 2 years, or for a specified number of dockings, such as the last 5 dockings.

Completed Evaluations are used to produce an overall Rating for each shipyard.

All the Evaluations that have been recorded for a particular yard can are listed against the shipyard in the Evaluation module where they can be reviewed and if necessary amended. For larger companies, the module can be setup to require Evaluations to be reviewed and “Approved” by the responsible person before they are included in the overall average for that yard.

Completed Evaluations can be retrieved for a particular shipyard.

Options are provided to print Detailed Evaluations, Evaluation Comparison and Grading Lists:

Overall Ratings can also be shown on the 'Yard Bid Comparison' report:

The module can be setup with user-defined 'Category' headings, 'Item' sub-headings and 'Rating/Score' descriptions and 'Equivalent Gradings' to suit each company. Alternatively, a standard Evaluation setup can be supplied

All Rating 'Categories', 'Items' and the Ratings themselves can be user-defined.

System Requirements: As per REFMAN's Cost Control module.

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