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Formed in 1985, Minitech Systems Limited started as a small marine computer software company. By combining commercial & technical maritime backgrounds with that of professional computer software development, Minitech initially concentrated mainly on providing consultancy, support and software development for shipowner's office based operations.

After a high profile ferry accident, Minitech was approached by a firm of Naval Architects with a view to developing a Trim & Stability package suitable for use onboard cruise ships which was later extended for use on ferries and other passenger carrying vessels. It was that software package that evolved into our PAXSTAB Trim & Stability software.

Whilst working on-site in a coastal tanker company over a period of several years, Minitech staff became very aware of the problems which busy Superintendents face when preparing drydock specifications. The first problem is that it is generally a time consuming job to actually start a new specification for a drydocking and day to day, there is always something much more pressing to deal with than starting a specification for a drydocking which might be months or even years away. The other problem is that those years and months very quickly become weeks or days so the specification ends up being put together in a rush, often with works that need doing being omitted or not specified sufficiently well to allow the shipyard to quote correctly. This inevitably increases the cost of the docking over what was expected and/or budgeted for. It was this that prompted Minitech to set about developing a software package which would remove the barriers to starting a specification and to make specification preparation a continuous process rather than one that takes place in a rush at the last minute. It was that software package that evolved into our REFMAN Drydocking Software.


After REFMAN was used to manage some quite high profile and high cost "life extension" projects on cruise ships, REFMAN quickly established itself as our "flagship" product, so Minitech now concentrates mainly on the ongoing development of REFMAN including developing new modules. It also provides user training in the use of REFMAN along with a full range of support services, including software updates and telephone & on-site support.

Ownership & Staffing

Minitech is privately owned by its directors and employees, so there is very strong focus on ensuring that our customers always receive the very best service possible.


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