REFMAN's Time Management Module has been designed to provide people who are not project management ‘experts’ with a quick and simple means of keeping track of the progress of jobs during a repair period.

To achieve this, REFMAN’s Time Management module provides the means for the shipyard themselves to supply the owner with estimated start dates and durations for each job as part of the yard’s original bid. Times and durations can then be added for any ‘owners’ jobs which are to be carried out by sub-contractors or other specialists. Using this information, REFMAN’s Time Management module can produce a simple time line (Gantt) chart that gives a pictorial representation of when each job is expected to start, how long it should take and when it should be finished.

During the actual repair period, all the Superintendent has to do is note which jobs are complete and optionally, estimate the progress on jobs that are in hand.

The program can then produce a summary showing the overall proportion of the work that has been completed and the proportion remaining, or it can produce a time line (Gantt) chart that shows the same information pictorially.


Complete monitoring of the progress of yard jobs and scheduling of 'owners' jobs, without the need to learn complicated project management software.
Can also be used with the Shipboard Defect Recording module for planning projects onboard.
Shipyard can supply estimated duration and start day (an actual date or a "day number" during the docking) and specify which jobs are "critical". These details can all be loaded automatically into the specification along with the yard's bid.
Schedule and monitor jobs carried out by owner's contractors and other specialists.
Automatic updating of 'Percentage Complete' for jobs that are 'on schedule'. Update just selected jobs or 'all' jobs in a single section, all jobs in 'selected' sections or all jobs in 'all' sections in a specification.

Flexible facilities for updating job progress.

Full range of links including 'later job can not start before earlier job finishes', 'later job can not start before earlier job starts' and 'later job can not finish before earlier job finishes'.
If an earlier job is re-scheduled and this affects other later jobs (i.e. 'linked' jobs) then the user is prompted and the later jobs can be re-scheduled automatically.
Choice of conventional numerical input for 'dates & times' or simple to use on-screen "drag and drop" for both scheduling jobs and setting durations.
On-Screen indicator with pop-up information box to indicate that one job is linked to other jobs in a different section of the specification.
Automatic Generation of time line (Gantt) chart for the entire specification or just the jobs in a particular section.

Automatic generation of Time Line/Gantt Chart.

Choice of Timescales - Months/Weeks, Weeks/Days, Days/Qtr Days or Days/Hours.
Flexible printing options which allow time line (Gantt) chart to be printed with a choice of timescales, with and without links & with and without 'gridlines'.

System Requirements: As per REFMAN's Specification Generator or Shipboard Defect Recording module as appropriate.

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